Hi, Im Rich, A proud Welsh football fanatic, Loyal Cardiff City supporter and shirt collector. Ive been collecting predominatly world club shirts without any consistantcy or direction for several years. As a keen follower of Wales at home and away ive developed an interest in the international game and memrobilia. Ive decided now is my mission to collect a shirt of every of the 208 FIFA Footballing nations. Please leave a comment and check back for regular updates.

Wednesday, 28 March 2012


  1. Hey man !
    Nice to see you are starting a blog, too. And even better to hear that you are following mine.

    To create a list you just have to do the following:
    1. Log in into blogger and go to "view blog"
    2.click on design on the upper right
    3.now you can choose "Add a Gadget" in the coloumn left to the main page of the blog.
    4.Now you choose the Gadget "List" and you get a list :P
    If you go to step 3 again you can see your gadged now and with a click on it you can change it.
    If there are still any questions, please contact me again.

  2. Hey Rich,
    here I am again to help you out ;)
    Very nice to see that you seem to share my aim to collect all the 208 FIFA shirts.
    I made a forum for people like you and me, who try to reach this aim some day to share our information. I would love to welcome you there. The address to it is:
    Please register there to see the whole content of the forum. There is a lot of information about some shirts ;)

    Now lets come to your blogger problems again:
    First of all you have to make a "Post" for a shirt. You can do this in this way:
    1. Login to your blogger account
    2. Press the big blue "New Post" Button.
    3. You can choose a title now and write your blog entry. To upload a picture choose "insert picture" which is one of the little buttons above the text field.
    4. If you are ready with uploading pictures and writing your text press the button "Publish Post", which is orange.

    Now you made your first post ;)
    It has its own web link. You can get this link if you right click on the name of your post and choose "copy link address".
    To include it into the list of your blog now you have to do the following:

    1. Log in and go to "Design" again
    2. Now you can see your list as one of the gadgets. Choose "Edit" there.
    3. Now go to "add list element" just like you did before and enter the name of the country you added again !
    4. directly right to the name you wrote now there is a little symbol which shows the earth and a link. Click on it and enter the link of your blog entry there. Now you can add this new element to your link. It will be coloured and underlined automatically.
    5. Delete the "old" entry in your list, that does not include the link
    6. Press save and test if everything works ;)

    I hope I could help again.
    If there any questions just write me again.
    You can also contact me on Facebook. My name is Sascha Tillmanns !

    Cheers man, nice to welcome you in the circle of shirt addicteds :D

  3. Hey man
    I activated your account on the forum now.
    Please introduce yourself shortly in the Main Forum - "All about me"-Thread.
    You can ask your blogger questions there, too.
    Most of the guys there do have an own blog.
    An we are not that many, but we found each other and help us a lot.
    There are about 12 collectors all of the world as far as I know. They are from England, Scotland, Canada, USA, Mexico, Netherlands, Belgium, Argentina and Brazil and now we can welcome our first man from Wales.


  4. Hi Rich.
    Regards from one of the Mexican crazy guys Sascha said in his comment. I'm glad to know people from every part of the globe and share the love for 'the game of man' as we know football in my country.
    I hope we can help each other like everyone in Sascha's forum does. By the way, here you can see my collection:
    I'll visit yours often.

  5. Iachawdwriaeth Rich !

    Gregorio from Belgium...


  6. I also have my own new blog that currently has 87 shirts on it. I will be adding links onto it soon and will add peoples blogs on there soon.